little book of beer

Remember Your Beer.

Little Book of Beer is more than a tasting journal – it’s a guide to the link between your tastebuds, your brain, and the pen in your hand. Bring it together with your passion for craft beer by using Little Book of Beer.

Smelling is tasting.

We can’t comprehend the depth of flavor in a beer without putting our nose in a glass and describing what we smell. The aroma table is a guide to the origins of different beer aromas.

craft beer aroma

Beer’s balance.

A beer can’t be both very hoppy and very malty, nor can it be very sweet and very dry. No complicated system that makes little sense, just a simple balance sheet to beer flavor.

craft beer balance sheet

Rate it.

Scribble in the unique five level mug rating. A full beer’s a better beer.

little book of beer rating mug

¡Viva la Revolución!

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the beer world. We spied it while field testing Little Book of Beer in the best beer bars. We drank good beer with good people while they used our tasting journal. And we listened to their manifestos about honest beer. Sharing a tasting notebook at a bar is a clever conversation starter among fellow travelers.

Oh. Because so many people ask, here’s why we printed a book when everyone else is making apps.